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Rising R&B Artists From The UK

The UK has been home to some of R&B’s most renowned voices; with musical legends such as Sade, Omar, Amy Winehouse & more becoming household names. Now, in 2023 there are a new generation of talented voices emerging and creating a buzz there has never been before. In this lovely little read you will find the names of the UK’s rising stars making their mark; with fire flows, tantalising vocals, and effortlessly remarkable lyricism… In no particular order, these are the names you need to know about. 



Jorja Douglas, Stella Quaresma, and Renée Downer; the girl group who got their name from a cat are about to take the world by storm. Having only started to release music in 2022 FLO have been nothing but consistent. The group display a dynamic that just seems effortless, with smooth vocals and harmonies very reminiscent of early 2000’s R&B. Furthermore, their debut single Cardboard Box has now surpassed 20 million streams, they have performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Later… with Jools Holland, and have most recently won the BBC Sound of 2023 poll (which seeks to predict the year’s breakout acts). FLO are definitely on their way to becoming household names.



The soulful duo that is Children Of Zeus are the sound you have been missing. Hailing from Manchester in the north of the UK, the duo is made up of DJ, MC and beatmaker ‘Konny Kon’ and sensational singer ‘Tyler Daley’. If you listen to a Zeus record you’ll hear Tyler’s smooth and stank-face pulling vocals combined with Kon’s hard hitting, gritty but polished wordplay. Both glide over a series of jazz and soul instrumentals that have a really effortless live element to it and a feel that bridges neo-soul/ jazz to ‘90s rap and contemporary R&B. Having released their debut album ‘Travel Light’ in 2018, sophomore album ‘Balance’ in 2021, and also performing on the renowned COLORS platform in the same year, the mancunion duo are definitely taking Manchester to the world.



Strikingly stunning and soulful. An androgynous blend both unique and powerful, describes the voice of East-London singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Amber-Simone. Working with artists such as Shy Luv, Joe Hertz and Franc Moody, Amber has built quite the musical repertoire. Her highly impressive 5-track EP ‘Black, No Sugar’ released in 2021, is quite frankly a piece of art; with aesthetically pleasing visuals that transport you to a different time and place almost. Her music combines a broad range of styles and influences, from Gospel inflections to neo-soul and more modern alternative R&B sounds. Criminally underrated, Amber-Simone is an artist you should definitely know about.



NIPPA is taking his sound to great heights. The rising London star has been consistently making waves in the UK since debuting in 2020. Having cemented himself as a sharp songwriter on Craig David’s recent ‘22’ album, opening up for the likes of BLXST and Jack Harlow, and grabbing the attention of many including super-producer Boi-1da; the 22 year old has proved he is one to watch out for. The young artist has his own way of making a record new and current, but simultaneously have a feel to it that’s reminiscent of early 2000’s R&B. His soulful vocals combined with his playfully clever lyricism and tantalisingly catchy hooks are what makes his sound unique and nevertheless, what makes him a stand out artist in the scene.



Alternative R&B artist Kehina broke onto the scene in 2022 releasing consistently great singles and an EP that began to put her music at the forefront of R&B in the UK. With seemingly delicate vocals that have a depth and power to them that really make you as the listener zone out, accompanied by sonically beautiful beats that have a strong acoustic presence; Kehina has truly developed her own distinct sound that will surely be heard more this year.



Hailing from Essex, 18-year-old singer-songwriter Highlyy is someone who is most definitely rising fast. Her debut single ‘Soldier’ which drifts between four languages (Pidgin, Yoruba, English, and French) has surpassed 4 million streams; having only been released late last 2022. Highlyy has become a well known name in the scene, catching the attention of Vogue and Oxlade. Easing her way onto playlists and rotations with only one single and a big promise of what’s to come, she is definitely someone you should have on your radar.



Born & raised in the heart of Tottenham and bringing all the vibes is JAYO, A London fast-riser whose smooth vocals and seriously catchy hook on the 2022 release ‘XO’ kept the UK hooked. His sound combines elements of R&B with afrobeats in a way that feels quite fresh. Surprisingly mellow and effortless, JAY O glides over the production in a way that feels quite powerful.  



Vocals that will leave you stunned… Morgan Munroe is a singer-songwriter who will take your breath away. Fusing contemporary R&B with classic elements in a sexy but stunningly elegant way, the Leicester born artist has a unique feel to her music. If you listen to a Morgan Munroe record you will hear sultry buttery vocals, passionate long held high notes, and very clever wordplay. This combined with intricate euphonious production that supports her musical tone and style so well, is what makes Munroe’s music so remarkable. Morgan’s latest body of work ‘Elvira’ is a perfect example of her talent, and also a preview to what greatness is to come.



0207 Def Jam signee Debbie is a soul singer whose music connects differently. The Londoner is a perfect example of what can happen when a vocal marries a lyric so completely. The young artist’s captivating music has found fans in John Legend, Stormzy, and Mahalia. Not to mention her debut TV performance for Later… with Jools Holland, which was astounding. Her music has a sense of rawness to it that feels effortless. Debbie doesn’t have to do much to wow us with her gifted artistry.



South-East London’s Jim Legxacy has been making waves with his genre-defying sound. Highly experimental, the talented musician masterfully blends trap and African inspired percussion, with electronic synths; manipulating audio in a completely new way. Jim can be found singing, and rapping on his creations, which have crafty punchlines and lyricism that is a kind of self-created sauce. His music has an assemblage of styles that will leave an everlasting impression on everyone he blesses the ears of.



Amaria BB has carved out a space in the music industry that is all her own. Amaria has given us nothing but vibes and hits. With effortlessly stunning vocals that fit so well with the up-tempo body-moving beats; The young star calls on 90s R&B, reggae, and dancehall influences to craft music that is infectiously hooking.



Known for his melodic flow & musicality, North London’s Eric IV is an artist whose definitely in his own lane. Starting out playing instruments such as the piano Eric developed his skills producing beats, before going on to discover his talent for singing and rapping. With production that fuses R&B and trap; Eric skates between singing and rapping in a rhythmic catchy way that gives us his signature flow



Silky smooth vocals, riffs and runs, and a raspy tone that’s heaven sent; Shae Universe is an artist that is at the forefront of R&B in the UK. She is quickly establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with; possessing a string of singles and a solid EP. Her technical ability is also nothing short of astounding. If she’s not wowing you with her effortlessly insane vocal ability, she’s rapping over a drill beat, showing just how versatile she is. Shae has been the leading artist behind the R’n’Drill sound in the UK, but her ability to experiment, and push herself musically has enabled her to go from strength to strength.



Hailing from East London, Jvck James has a knack to swerve into different R&B lanes. With a timeless yet modern sound matched with his distinctive captivating artistry, his music has a feel and vibe you’ll obsess over. Jvck’s music has a bounce and groove to it that will have you singing the lyrics in the shower and dancing around the room. An obvious deep connection and love for 90s R&B, JVCK’s music has made leaps and bounds. He’s someone who has graced COLORS, performed for BET, and collaborated with other great musicians such as Ambrè. Nevertheless, his signature style and sound make him a very exciting talent to watch out for.



Twin sisters from Kenya, but raised in the north of the UK in Manchester; The KTNA are a duo that are quickly making a mark with their distinct sound. Hope and Millie Katana are all rounders… Singing, writing, producing, and engineering their own music; they are two exceptionally talented musicians whose abilities seem limitless. Hope and Millie channel their experiences in a vulnerable, emotionally expressive way that makes the listener feel every stretch of emotion in their lyricism. A real heart on their sleeve approach to songwriting. Not to mention, the sister’s are that in sync their music sounds as if it were one voice singing over the acoustic sounding intricate production. The effect… Truly remarkable.



The UK’s princess of R&B, Bellah has been rapidly rising and marking herself as one of the best in the genre. A truly gifted singer with a heaven sent voice, the North London artist has been giving us nothing but heat, with a rich soothing feel to her music that just makes you fall in love. Bellah’s debut COLORS performance of her magnetising record ‘Evil Eye’ surpassed 1 million views. Every single body of work she has released has an immense amount of depth to it. Bellah weaves through relatable issues and self-exploration, combining flawless flows with beautiful textured production. A true artist and hit-maker, she has the ability to storytell and conduct her songs like conversations with an old friend… A true star in the making.



A truly cinematic approach to his music, Tendai is truly free from the confines of genre, expectations, and musical style. The East London singer-producer dazzles with an intoxicating melange of soul, R&B, rock and pop, his gospel influence also heavily felt. Listening to Tendai’s music for the first time is truly refreshing. It’s a new sound that leaves you questioning everything you’ve heard before. How can a piece of music be simultaneously nostalgic and future-facing? Tendai’s music is simply a work of art.


[ K S R ]

[ K S R ], and remember the space marks and the box brackets. The talented mancunian artist whose sweet sounding, soft voice cuts deep is making waves with his unique blend of soul and R&B. With smooth melodies, heavily reminiscent of early Erykah Badu & Miguel, his music isn’t dependent on tides or trends, it’s gracefully authentic and light. [ K S R ] is definitely an artist whose honey-dipped voice will have you melting this year.



East London’s Scribz Riley has established himself as an applauded singer, songwriter, and Grammy-winning producer. Achieving over 50 million streams for his own music, performing at Wireless, and becoming one of the only UK artists to make it onto Barack Obama’s songs of the year list for 2022 are just a few of the rising star’s accomplishments. With an exciting, edgy but contemporary vibe that blends multi-genres with R&B and Rap; Scribz has created a sound that’s unique and fresh.



From singing in front of a garage to having his music played at Virgil Abloh’s final LV show… Elmiene’s voice is nothing short of legendary. Having only released two solid singles to date; he has a way of making music that leaves a mark but really takes you on a journey whilst listening. Elmiene has had a gleaming start to his career and it’s clear this year will be even more promising.

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