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Rising R&B Artists From Brazil

Brazil is famous all over the world for its musicality. Home of Bossa Nova, Samba, Pagode and many other musical genres, Brazil emerges with a new generation of artists willing to create an R&B rich in cultural identity. In the list below, discover poetry from the Portuguese language translated into soulful songs with beautiful vocals by amazing Brazilian artists.


In no particular order, these are the names you should know about. 


Graceful vocals laid on songs about love, ancestry, beliefs and activism. Born in Salvador, the most Afro-based population in the world outside of Africa, Luedji Luna is familiar with international stages such as Afropunk, Colors and Tiny Desk Concert. Her recent project, released in November, is a deluxe version of her project "Bom Mesmo É Estar Na Água'' and brings a jazzy R&B, rich instrumentals, and international collaborations with singer Mereba, rapper Oddisee and producer Sango. Luedji’s music has sweet sonically surprises that give the listeners a beautiful and soulful experience, while introducing them to a serene afro-brazilian sound.


Friends from Baixada Fluminense - Rio de Janeiro, Shuna & GP unite vocal harmonies from soul and gospel, with productions that mix beats and organic instruments. The two began their musical journeys in church and then they took it outside, performing on trains. “BXD IN JAZZ” is a perfect first project combining the best of classic R&B and Jazz with poetry that reveals feelings, emotions and experiences. “Meu Grande Amor”, the duo’s first single, brings the good formula “Rap verses + R&B hook”; If you are looking for a R&B ballad, “Se Foi” is the perfect one for you; And their most recent single, “Lá Vem A Noite”, is the good balance of R&B and brazilian sounds. Whatever you're looking for, YOÚN got you!


Vocals with presence and firmness while still handling delicacy, Liniker’s music has the ability to impact people through her art and musicality. Every song has a surprise! The singer from Araraquara, São Paulo, gained recognition in 2015 while still part of “Liniker e os Caramelos” but in 2021, “Indigo Borboleta Anil” came as her first solo project blessing her with a Grammy and making her the first trans artist to receive a Latin Grammy. The album introduces us to the experiment of Brazilian instruments in R&B, beautiful vocals and diversity in melodies. Spoiler Alert: “Baby 95”, a personal favorite, is a surprising mix between R&B and Samba.

4. NATHI.jpg



The golden pen that switches smoothly between Portuguese and English is my favorite part of Nathi’s music. Affectionately known as “The Tree Girl”, the singer/songwriter/producer started a series that turned into an album, both entitled “The TreeGirl Sessions”. “Need Ur Lovin’’ is a great intro to Nathi’s music and for a smooth mix between R&B and Pagode check out “Don’t Wanna Go Back”.  Nathi started out singing and playing  piano, but early on she felt the urge to learn music production as no one could translate her innovative vision. Her music has an ethereal, freefrom sound, perhaps a connection to her love of nature with lyrics that express her journey of self-love and love to others. In 2023, I’m betting on Nathi!




From Salvador - Bahia, Baco carries the Blues in his name. He started as a rapper but the desire to express his intensity, indignation and desires could not be contained only in rhythm and poetry, or only in music. “Bluesman” (2018) was Baco’s project that introduced us to his blues sound and lyrics like in the song “Me Desculpa Jay-Z”. The project received a short film that garnered a Cannes award alongside Childish Gambino’s "This is America''. “Bluesman” sounds like a transition from where Baco started and where he is now. In 2022, Exu do Blues dropped a personal AOTY and a Grammy Nominated album titled ‘’QVVJFA?”. The album feels complete, it brings excellence in lyrics and production, giving us the perfect R&B song titled “20 Ligações”, a beautiful duet featuring Gloria Groover in “Samba in Paris”, while showing us his plurality and range.


Back to Rio de Janeiro, BIAB is the type of artist you listen to once and instantly fall in love with. Her voice brings comfort, her lyrics carry passion that overcome language barriers and her music is a great fit for any time in the day. BIAB’s debut project, “LADO B” (2021), brings R&B with catchy melodies and romantic lyrics that also feel like love letters like in the song “Mulher”. The artist is also a great feature artist, don’t believe me? Check out: “Egoísta Será” by Castellucci, thank me later. In 2022, the carioca artist graced COLORS with a spirited performance of her song “Pedra do SAL”, from  her recent work titled “LAPA”. We’re very excited to see what she’s got next!


Agnes’s voice will always cause an effect! The angelic voice accompanied by mature lyrics caught the attention of Brazilian music legends. Raised in Paraíba, Agnes’s R&B has a lot of MPB influence and you can even hear Forró (Brazilian Northeastern Music) in the mix. But if you are looking for a more contemporary R&B, the EP “Romaria” is my recommendation and the project features the Chilean producer “Neo Beats”, active collaborator on Agnes’s music. The young artist, already featured on COLORS channel, has a special way of  expressing her femininity, background and growth, all shown in her album “Menina Mulher”

8. JEAN TASSY.jpeg



Jean Tassy’s music can’t be duplicated! Lyrics about routine and generic subjects, such as feelings and desires, to philosophical ideas about duality and the human being. His unique flow and delivery,  along with his R&B and Neo Soul productions that feel modern without feeling synthetic. From “Diz Pra Mim“ (2018) to “Vingou” (2022), the Brasilia native has his own sonic personality that he explores in every project. In 2022, Tassy started a new era dropping two Ep’s, “Outono” (Fall) and “Inverno”(Winter), and last October during an interview the artist confirmed the other seasons projects, the EP’s “Primavera” (Spring) and “Verão” (Summer), so we can wait for more soon!



From the West Side of Rio, Camila Zasoul is one of the most interesting names in Brazilian Contemporary R&B. Camila’s sound is sensual, has a soulful energy that is revealed through her voice and beats choice. Her EP “Conexões” has no skips, repeat value and features that fits perfectly with her style, and since the EP, Camila has had an amazing “feat. run” blessing other artists with her talent and smooth vocals. "Eu e Você", my favorite song on the EP, features Delacruz, a rapper who is always collaborating with R&B names and with whom Camila has already shared the stage. Zasoul has everything she needs to earn the status of princess of R&B!


A favorite of R&B listeners in Brazil, Luccas Carlos is known for his romantic hooks. The singer, also rapper, grew up in the North Side of Rio listening to samba and his music floats from Contemporary R&B to Pagode. “Conversa”, “Mais Que Isso” and “Incomum” are great R&B songs featured on the album “jovemCarlos” dropped in 2022. Strong and raspy vocals let us know, through the music, about his influences that range from Tim Maia (Brazilian Legend) to Chris Brown, leading to a contemporary sound with emotions and soul. Luccas’s music has captivated a generation who support his journey, are excited for his releases, and witness his presence on big stages around the country.

11. JUNIPER.jpg



Born and raised in Itabúna - Bahia, Juniper’s music has the power to teleport you to a heavenly place. In 2022 she dropped 3 singles following up to her debut project “97” entirely produced by the North American producer Sango and featuring R&B singer Xavier Omar. The R&B project is accompanied by nuances of Samba, Brazilian Funk & Forró, music genres that longside MPB, always influenced the artist. Juniper plays with the duality between cultures – Portuguese and English. The lyrics are full of passion and sensuality, matching her voice and her style of singing and the artist sought inspiration in old notebooks where she finds stories and feelings that she has already experienced. Passion and beauty!


From Rocinha, a favela in Rio de Janeiro, Luthuly has one of my favorite voices in the Brazilian music scene. A voice full of blues, potent, raw but yet sweet... a voice that translates the emotions of the lyrics. The singer, songwriter and musician started at the age of 10 while growing up in a family connected to the cultural scene. “Cola Comigo” is a song that you can't get tired of! The passion will catch you, the production is impressive and you will love something new about the song every time you listen. Luthuly’s music is influenced by artists like Childish Gambino, Beyoncé, Tim Maia and Cassiano (Brazilian Legends). So for Luthuly, R&B will always be part of the mix!


Now we are going to Goiania, in central Brazil. While searching for her own sound, Bruna Mendez created "Corpo Possível", an R&B album that combines organic elements and synthetic sounds in songs with different sonic personalities. “Corpo Miragem” is a personal favorite! A love declaration accompanied by a production that reveals passion. Bruna’s voice and tone caught COLORS’s attention and her performance of “Temporal” drives a soothing and calming vibe. Through her music, Bruna wants to offer a feeling of belonging and comfort, feelings she finds in her hometown that despite not being a cultural hub it is where she finds inspiration.




Excellence transcribed through Black Music! Fabriccio is a singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist & producer who mixes R&B with grooves from Reggae, Rock, MPB, Soul, Jungle/Drum Bass and Jazz. Through his music, the artist from Vitória - ES, communicates about black affectivity, male sensitivity, spirituality and self-knowledge. His project “Selva” has an intimate tropical vibe attached to it and offers the listener the feeling of a pleasant adventure. Distinctive sound, and serene vocals, Fabriccio has gained listeners around the world! Like Japan, where you can find physical copies of his project. The artist has an EP coming soon and I’m ready to see where he is going to take us next!

15. KÉLANIE.jpg



Brazilian R&B fairy, Kélanie is an afro-indigenous multi-artist from São Paulo. The bilingual singer uncovers an intimate, sensorial and healing sound while mixing English and Portuguese in her songs, seeking to translate feelings, not words. Back in November, the artist dropped her debut EP titled “Mundo” and in the project you are going to find tracks about a self-discovery journey, exploring themes of culture, ancestrality and identity. Before the EP, the artist released a few singles that are worth checking out, like “fall?”, my favorite Kélanie song, produced by also R&B artist Diego Amani. If you are looking for a magical sound, Kélanie is the artist you’re looking for!


Doug O's music sounds mature and classic. R&B and Neo Soul along with jazzy productions, attractive melodies and a beautiful voice that express a call to romanticism, intensity and the delicacy of desire. His inspirations, that range from Earth Wind & Fire to Tim Maia, are strongly reflected in his music. Last year the singer and songwriter from São Paulo dropped his EP “MOVA” alongside a short film. In the project you can find a personal favorite, “E EU?” and Doug O’s biggest success “MENTIROSO”. "Êxito", a single not featured on the EP, is loaded with passion, has BEAUTIFUL instrumentals and is a great introduction to the music of the incredibly talented, Doug O.

17. DUQUESA.jpg



As a black woman, the need to feel represented was what led Duquesa to make music. The artist from Bahia started as a rapper at the age of 15 but around 2018 she began to consume and connect more with R&B, having now references like SZA, Ari Lennox, Summer Walker, Queen Naija and other women who inspire her sound. Jeysa, known professionally as Duquesa, sings not only about the good parts of love, but also about how difficult it is to be loved and accepted while being herself. Her EP “Sinto Muito” brings a more intimate side and the identification of black women was unquestionable. Strong flow, delicate singing, sensuality & representativeness are all present in Duquesa's music!




From the countryside of Rio de Janeiro, Murilo Magalhães discovered his passion for music early and during a music event at school he realized how great the power of his lyrics were and decided to start his career. The math “charming tone + lovely melodies + romantic lyrics” results in R&B music that makes you fall in love. Murilo has millions of views through his covers posted on social media, and last November the singer dropped his first EP titled “Sobre Nós”, the 6 tracks project includes “Volta”, Murilo’s biggest song, “Último Romântico” and “Mulher Cê Sabe”, all R&B tracks that express emotion and romance through musicality. The 20yo singer's future looks promising!

19. ANA OLIC.jpg



Ana Olic, singer from Mauá -SP, as a child was encouraged to sing by an art teacher. She started to write songs at the age of 15 and her biggest hobby is playing the ukulele. Ana’s music has affection, tenderness transmitted on mellow productions, love lyrics involved in a jovial voice that caught the attention of COLORS curators. Her performance of “Correnteza” is vibrant and reveals beautiful vocals full of personality. Ana's music has been showing growth and it’s almost impossible to play “Amor de Sonhos”, her most recent single, only once. Both songs mentioned show different variations of R&B and I’m curious to hear what Ana Olic creates next!

20. POSS.jpg



POSS stands for “Proteja Os Seus Sonhos” (Protect Your Dreams), a collective of creators, collaborative project that reunites black artists who represent the future of a new music scene aimed at celebrating black culture. All the Afro-Brazilianness added to R&B brought to you by a new generation of black artists serving excellence sonically and visually. POSS has two projects that introduce us to new names, legends in the making, including names mentioned above: YOÚN, Luedji Luna & Luthuly. Personally, POSS also means inspiration and guidance! Both albums are worth checking out and if you need song suggestions, try “FEELS” and “EU CHOREI”. Protect your dreams!

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