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Tica Holiday

"Black Love"

Tica Holiday (formerly known as Holiday Soul), is a singer/songwriter who recently moved to Toronto from the Grand Bahama Island. Searching for a place to hone her songwriting craft and grow as an artist in new ways, she’s starting the next chapter of her music practise here and ready to bring you into her world. In today’s session she came through and performed an R&B Uncut rendition of her new song ‘Black Love’ featuring rapper @BigTona


Vocals: @ticaholiday
Rapper: @bigtona
Backup Singer: @aalex_james ⁠
Keyboardist: @bb.budiji ⁠
Bassist: @marinalopezbass ⁠
Drummer: @nateadoucet


C.A.P Productions
Producer: Cherry-Ann Hoe
Line Producer: Natalie Panacci
Director: Tica Holiday & Video Business
DOP/Editor: Video Business
Camera Operator A: Marc DeAcetis
Camera Operator B: Dylan Pun
Sound and Pre-mix by: Brian Renton
Final Mix by: Ghislain Brind'Amour
MUA: Mikey Elliott
Art: Alex Filtsos
PA: Marla Ellis

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